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What makes Groomy a better choice than other apps?
We designed a simple and elegant solution for the specific needs of pet groomers. Groomy has all the features you need to make your life easier and grow your business. And you can always ask us to add anything else you think of!
I'm booked! Why do I need Groomy?
The purpose of Groomy is to save you time and increase capacity. If you're swamped, then we want to talk to you! Groomy can help you get back the time you're currently wasting on scheduling and administrative tasks..
What pets do you allow through Groomy?
Groomy is designed to allow any type of pet. Obviously, dogs and cats seem to be the most popular, but we can add any other type of pet you work with.
Can I pay monthly?
Yes, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Yearly subscriptions will receive a 15% discount. We accept all major credit cards through our PayPal account. Monthly subscriptions renew monthly. Yearly subscriptions renew yearly.