Our goal with Groomy was simple - make booking easier for Pet Groomers. We've included all features needed for a pet groomer's business to operate smoothly. Our feature list was developed based on the recommendations of experienced groomers.



Automated Booking Assistant

  •  Calendar limited to your specific business hours
  •  Booking limited to groomer availability
  •  Groomers can set pet types, breeds and services they offer
  •  Booking times limited based on breed and service
  •  Assign a time to a specific pet/service for availability
  •  Groomers can set the amount of time it takes per breed/service
  •  Set warnings to pop up at check in
  •  Eliminates appointment conflicts
  •  Creates an online appointment book for all groomers


Pet Grooming Apppointment Calendar



Notification & Messages


Pet Grooming Apppointment Notification


Customers can opt into the type of notifications they want to receive

Email and/or Text

Email or text message reminders for upcoming appointments

Appointment Reminders (Coming Soon)

Automated reminders to book an appointment based on regular schedules

Info Request Messages (Coming Soon)

Automated reminders to supply vaccination records and other required information


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